Some Interesting Runners Possibly Lining Up Next Week!

Some Interesting Runners Possibly Lining Up Next Week!

Been a funny week, with runners some running nice races but we were hit by the curse of the bad draw unfortunately with a couple. We have a few entered next week that could be interesting contenders, so we are REALLY hoping there is a winner in there somewhere!! We have been running really well with plenty of 2nds and 3rds but hitting the crossbar a bit so to speak! Madame Mango put up a better show than placings suggest last time, she runs at 1pm today in a seller at Leicester, 50-1 could be an E/W contender.

We thought it might be interesting for our viewers to see how wind problems can be diagnosed in horses. You may well see often now in the newspaper, has had wind surgery. There are a variety of problems that can happen and often the horse will have an overground scope. This odd looking contraption is on the blog photo this week. A very small scope (camera) is put in to the horses airway and they are then worked with the camera filming to see what happens when the horse comes under pressure therefore enabling the vet to diagnose the problem. It is a valuable piece of equipment and the horses don't seem to mind at all, plus the surgery will make them much more comfortable once it has been done.

Was really good to see England getting their act together at the Football. Wishing the team the best of luck tonight.

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